About 8isis8 and Isis8star

Ready for the truth? What is Isis8Star (me) and the 8isis8 blog all about?

tumblr_llgyduradY1qcncteo1_400dying-planetEveryone is going through some form of transformation these days and there seem to be waves upon waves of people in the West and elsewhere waking up to the realisation that there is something definitely wrong with our “civilized” way of life and that maybe we have gone too far with our relentless drive to make everything easier and quicker with the use of technology and science…

Richmond deer Park  - July 2011 Nature -  Amazon


Everything that is beautiful on this planet is based on nature… There is nothing that has been built or made that was not synthesised having observed what was happening in nature first… Think of Aspirin – taken from the bark of the willow tree… Penicillin – discovered after observing what happened with an unwashed petri dish, hi-tech materials or space flight – simulated and recreated after watching certain animals and birds at speed/in flight; sim cards, LCD screens, semiconductors, silicon chips – 

Himalayn Crystal

all made available after the discovery of how much energy quartz crystals can hold, transmit and amplify. Even yoga was created after observing the poses that a cat makes from the moment it wakes till the time it take its next nap…. Nature is a wonderful thing yet Mother Earth has almost been gutted dry and milked of all of her beautiful bounties…

 Man belongs to the earth  the earth does not belong to manWE DO NOT OWN THE EARTH, WE ARE MERELY GUARDIANS

Back in the good old days, ancient tribes (keepers of this planet whose home, customs and languages have all but been wiped off the planet), had a very specific system for keeping balance… They worked with the unseen great mystery that is God/Goddess/Spirit/Gaia to ensure that we were always in sync with the earth’s energies and the movements of the planets and the natural rhythm of the seasons which meant that our relationship with the planet was a harmonious one… But now, many years later, here we are…. Wondering how best to tell our children (if we are brave enough to bring them into this world right now) that they are about to inherit an Earth that is practically drained to exhaustion; an earth that has a minority of inhabitants with plenty in the material sense (but who are deeply unhappy), and the largest majority without food or water despite there being plenty of resources.


Be the change you want to see in the world
BE the change you want to SEE

It is a planet with a loss of identity and while I could go on for hours about how we got here and why this is happening, I want this blog to focus on how it can be rectified in time before it is too late… We have a planet with a loss of identity and only when each of its inhabitants regains their own individual identity and heals on a deep personal basis to remember WHO WE REALLY ARE only then can we “heal the world and make it a better place” as a phenomenally talented man once sang 😀


This blog is for the people who are already doing their bit, but also for the next generation who are here to save us but are having difficulty functioning in this low density mess of attitudes and actions that they see around them… There is going to be info posted here that will seem strange and foreign yet deep down in your soul and heart you will realise that you already knew this stuff, heard it from your grandma, read it when you had a rare moment to yourself while you were searching for something else, or caught it on a post you saw from a friend – THE TRUTH IS OUT THERE 😉


Rainbow warriors - roxydollarts
Art by Roxydollarts – circus performer and visionary artist

Welcome rebels/ rainbow warriors – we are all one at heart… It is words that define us but love that connect us 😀 Much news is coming to light about what is really going on in our world and who is running it and how… we are going to be drowning in an avalanche of negative news and startling revelations but at the end of all of this what we will find waiting for us is a time of love, not fear, hope, not despair, enlightenment, not perpetual darkness, FOR ALL. We are ONE. Namaste xxxxx

PLEASE NOTEsince a picture speaks a thousand words, there are many images in my post – where I have not been able to use a photo I have taken myself, any images found here will link through to their original source to ensure that credit is given where credit is due 😀


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