There are many soulmates but is only one twin… Are you ready?

twinSoul -characteristicsTHERE CAN BE ONLY ONE….

In life, you will have many, many soulmates, some are family members, some colleagues, some friends, some enemies whose job is to push your buttons to force you to grow BUT you ONLY have ONE twin soul! This is the person with whom you instantly connect with not just physically, mentally and emotionally but most importantly, SPIRITUALLY. You will feel instantly comfortable with them as if you have known then a thousand years because basically, you have 😀 There are many people in your soul group who just get you but there is ONLY ONE person who vibrates on the same unique frequency as you and when you meet them, you will know it by the startingly easy ability to feel comfortable being you around them.. but first you need to get to know who the real you actually is….

Only one person with the same exact frequency as you..
Only one person with the same exact frequency as you..


Just when I was at that point when I though that my heart would never mend from my last karmic relationship which was so profoundly intense I thought I would never love like that again, when I decided that the only relationship I need to have is with myself, when I decided that I need to find a way to love myself completely 100% and not try to find someone to fix in the hope they can fix me, when I realise that I have achieved that goal and now need NO ONE/NOTHING to complete me, that’s when my twin shows up, introduces himself, reboots my heart, then leaves the country  (another test lol)


Sounds kind of depressing? It would be but here’s a little secret – you are so whole by this point that their presence or absence is no biggie. And the best bit? You realise that this deep instant connection which defies all description has an intensity to great that it defies all time and space so much so that distance does not pose a problem… Time and space are no obstacle for those who are connected on a number of levels That’s when you know 😀

Even when they are not next to you the bond remains… They may have already showed up in your dreams before you even met and will continue to do so even when they are absent 😀 


When you love yourself warts and all, you will attract someone as whole as you are 😀

All this just goes to show that once again the beautiful law of attraction. They say be the change you want to see in the world, rather than running around trying to change the world and make people wake up and start acting differently all you have to do is sort your own sh*t out.. Same with attracting your twin.. When you love yourself warts and all, you will attract someone as whole as you are :D

As soon as you love yourself unconditionally and are total aware of and happy with your light and dark side, someone will turn up who feels exactly the same  – they will not try to change what you are and and you will not feel compelled to try to conform to some ideal you think they might like… You can be yourself and that is all that they will ask of you and exactly the reason why they will instantly be attracted to you. 
Every relationship you have ever had is getting you ready for “the one” 😀
 But the most important relationship that most people never have is the one with themselves!!!


My last karmic relationship lasted a LONG ASS TIME simply because I refused to let go hoping that the potential I saw in the person would eventually manifest itself.. Well, after 6 years of the highest highs and lowest lows, sadly it never did… You can fall in love with someone’s future potential, but you will end up marrying their present reality. Fate controls who walks into your lifeThe issue was that when I upgraded my level of spirituality to become a dedicated lightworker, and that person didn’t follow because they weren’t meant to.. My timetable was not theirs… Once I came to terms with the fact that I was not going to be the one to fix them, I had to walk away even though for up to two years after the split it still hurt like f*ck….Right at the end, I got pregnant and had to make worst decision of my life… Bring a child into a potentially turbulent situation which may never right itself or make one less unhappy child by doing the one thing I hoped I would never have to do…. In the end I chose the latter but I now see that there was no other choice…. I read an article that said that some souls choose to come into the world as an aborted child so I have made my peace with that particularly traumatic decision…


How do you even go about trying to gather up your faculties to start all over again with someone new? Well, guess what? If you go away and think about the lessons you learned and get to know you are ON YOUR OWN and learn to love what you find, then you DON’T NEED TO start all over again… Until you let go of all the toxic people in your life you will never be able to fulfill your potentialYou don’t need to retell all your insecurities and fears or relate your personal story or even elaborate on your dreams… When you meet your twin – THEY ALREADY KNOW!!  More importantly, NONE OF IT will be relevant because you are about to LEAVE BEHIND from your respective histories of pain and sorrow, failure and rejection and make a brand new story that will be a force to be reckoned with…. All of the relationships I had up to this point were so incredibly intense and they helped heal parts of my broken soul that I could not have reached alone…. but there was ONLY ONE WAY to make myself completely and that was to be MARRIED TO MYSELF for a bit on my own without relying on anyone else to make me happy…. it arrives when you least expect itWhen you accomplish this task, NOTHING and NO ONE can phase you… That is when you will vibrate at such a high level – THE HIGHEST FREQUENCY YOU CAN BE  – that you will send out the signal to the other half of you and just like that -BAM! They will just turn up out of nowhere! You won’t have to go looking for it..


The rule is you simply stop looking 😀 If you think you know what you are looking for, well, you are still searching for a missing piece of your puzzle… You need to put that piece in place FIRST and then be whole at which point you won’t even need a companion anymore…

Be who are as you never know who would love the person you hideYou won’t be bothered about having no one to kiss at night or wake up to… You won’t be scared that there is no one to share those funny/sad moments with. It won’t be an issue that there is no one to confide in or show your dark/insecure side to… You will already be at the point when you don’t need someone to validate how cool and awesome you are or what a fool you can be sometimes because you will have accepted everything that you are warts and all and are happy to just be you and not pretend to be something you are not….It is exactly at this point they will appear in a place you don’t normally go, at a time you least expect it…

As a former control, letting go and going with the flow was a great challenge :D
As a former control, letting go and going with the flow was a great challenge 😀

Still not getting it? I have a good analogy for this process: I listen to music everywhere I go, I am rarely found without my headphones in. But the other day, they weren’t in attached to my ipod and I searched high and low for them to no avail.. It got to the point when I realised I would be seriously late for my appointment if I didn’t leave without them but THE DESPERATE NEED to have my music remained and so the search continued. After a few more minutes of frantic searching, I finally made peace with the fact that I have to go on without them and then BAM – I see them hanging on the banister by the door… As soon as I learnt to let go and not need them, they appeared 😀   Don’t go running around wondering who it might be. Don’t go chasing after someone you had a bit of connection to… There will be no pursuit… There will be no struggle. it will be as effortless as looking in the mirror – your reflection will just be there one day 😀

WHAT WILL IT FEEL LIKE I HEAR YOU ASK?Fallingi n love is like the rain

It may not be a lust or love at first sight as previously, but you will have an instant easy rapport… A connection and bond that just flows… You won’t have to explain anything. I am not getting to know you but remembering who you areYou won’t need to mould yourself or pretend to be someone you are not or what you think they might like… You will probably not be all that bothered when you come across them so disinterested are you in hunting for a missing piece to complete you. You may start out as friends or colleagues. Gradually you will start to grow fond of them due to the superior mood you are in whenever they are around…. The love well that will sneak up on you and grow with each meeting until before you know it, you realise you are ready to see your beautiful completeness in the eyes of another again 😀 


You have been apart from this other half of you FOR AGES and there is a lot of accumulated karma to get through so THERE ARE STAGES to this union becoming the ultimate reunion – IT’S NOT ALL ROSES! First you have the instant connection, then you have the feeling you like having this person around. Then it dawns on you that you might want to take it further, then you express this to them and find out they feel the same. Then comes the commitment and you have that delicious honeymoon period that you have not had while you were busy working on yourself. Now for the important phase – the fights and issues manifest themselves as you take on the challenge of completing any unfinished business or taking care of karma from previous lives, It is normally during this period that one of you will try to run… but you won’t get far 😀Runner and chaser Either the one who runs gets caught by the chaser or the chaser gives up and soul shocks the fugitive into returning to base… The reason for this? The one who runs is the one who is less spiritually advanced and is not able to comprehend the process taking place… If you aren’t both ready, it ain’t gonna work… It is all about timing….


Just so you know, you may not end up marrying this person… It may just end up being a business partner, or a creative collaborator, or a friend you can call on at any point in your life.Star-crossed lovers in history BUT you will ALWAYS have a deep connection that simply can’t be broken… Sometimes you meet when the other has given up and stopped waiting/searching and is already married by the time you turn up…. Sometimes, the runner keeps on running due to fear and not being ready for the amount of growth such a union results in…. Next time around, eh? Bridges of Madison County is a great book/film which illustrates this  – Meryl Streep and Clint Eastwood star 😀 If you meet and both are not ready or not available, then it won’t be a happy-ever-after in this particular lifetime… Still, you will always have yourself 😀


Until the next phase of my story kicks in, I won’t elaborate on the crazy synchronicities or signs or moments that led up to this meeting (If nothing comes of it or I get run over by a bus tomorrow, I am very glad that I got this far in this lifetime 😀 I can sort it out the next time around ) here are some good blogs on what a twin is, how it turns up  + a more detailed description of the stages you will go through and finally  – AND MOST IMPORTANTLY- what the reason for being reunited at long last is….Believe me, it is the most important reason there could be, more important than producing a child or making yourself feel loved… Look around at the state of planet Earth and you will get what I am talking about 😀 I would love to hear your experiences if you are still working through a karmic relationsihp or currently in a period of looking inward alone 😀

If you are into astrology, here is a link which will tell you what to look for in your composite/synastry chart analysis.. I didn’t need it but it was nice to have it confirmed….


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