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What is 8isis8 about?

Ready for the truth? What is Isis8Star (me) and the 8isis8 blog all about?


Rainbow warriors - roxydollarts

Welcome rebels/ rainbow warriors – we are all one at heart… It is words that define us but love that connect us 😀 Much news is coming to light about what is really going on in our world and who is running it and how… we are going to be drowning in an avalanche of negative news and startling revelations but at the end of all of this what we will find waiting for us is a time of love, not fear, hope, not despair, enlightenment, not perpetual darkness, FOR ALL. We are ONE. Namaste xxxxx



Everyone is going through some form of transformation these days and there seem to be waves upon waves of people in the West and elsewhere waking up to the realisation that there is something definitely wrong with our “civilized” way of life and that maybe we have gone too far with our relentless drive to make everything easier and quicker with the use of technology and science…

Richmond deer Park  - July 2011Nature -  Amazon


Everything that is beautiful on this planet is based on nature… There is nothing that has been built or made that was not synthesised having observed what was happening in nature first… Think of Aspirin – taken from the bark of the willow tree… Penicillin – discovered after observing what happened with an unwashed petri dish, hi-tech materials or space flight – simulated and recreated after watching certain animals and birds at speed/in flight; sim cards, LCD screens, semiconductors, silicon chips –

Himalayn Crystal

all made available after the discovery of how much energquartz crystals can hold, transmit and amplify. Even yoga was created after observing the poses that a cat makes from the moment it wakes till the time it take its next nap…. Nature is a wonderful thing yet Mother Earth has almost been gutted dry and milked of all of her beautiful bounties…

 Man belongs to the earth  the earth does not belong to man


Back in the good old days, ancient tribes (keepers of this planet whose home, customs and languages have all but been wiped off the planet), had a very specific system for keeping balance… They worked with the unseen great mystery that is God/Goddess/Spirit/Gaia to ensure that we were always in sync with the earth’s energies and the movements of the planets and the natural rhythm of the seasons which meant that our relationship with the planet was a harmonious one… But now, many years later, here we are…. Wondering how best to tell our children (if we are brave enough to bring them into this world right now) that they are about to inherit an Earth that is practically drained to exhaustion; an earth that has a minority of inhabitants with plenty in the material sense (but who are deeply unhappy), and the largest majority without food or water despite there being plenty of resources.


Be the change you want to see in the world
BE the change you want to SEE

It is a planet with a loss of identity and while I could go on for hours about how we got here and why this is happening, I want this blog to focus on how it can be rectified in time before it is too late… We have a planet with a loss of identity and only when each of its inhabitants regains their own individual identity and heals on a deep personal basis to remember WHO WE REALLY ARE only then can we “heal the world and make it a better place” as a phenomenally talented man once sang 😀


This blog is for the people who are already doing their bit, but also for the next generation who are here to save us but are having difficulty functioning in this low density mess of attitudes and actions that they see around them… There is going to be info posted here that will seem strange and foreign yet deep down in your soul and heart you will realise that you already knew this stuff, heard it from your grandma, read it when you had a rare moment to yourself while you were searching for something else, or caught it on a post you saw from a friend – THE TRUTH IS OUT THERE 😉

PLEASE NOTE – since a picture speaks a thousand words, there are many images in my post – where I have not been able to use a photo I have taken myself, any images found here will link through to their original source to ensure that credit is given where credit is due 😀 if you would like any of your visionary art to accompany a blog, lemme know ! 


WAKEY WAKEY! Light Manifesto

WAKEY WAKEY! Warriors of Light Manifesto (aka YOU/WE ARE AMAZING!!)

Stop Thinking, Start Feeling 😀

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We are sleeper visionary revolutionaries and veritable FORCES OF NATURE who enjoy charging into the spaces where angels fear to tread in order to raise the vibration.We PROBE at the core of the soul of each person we encounter by combining our love of constantly challenging the norms, questioning everything and playing devil’s advocate in an attempt to get people to THINK and be AWARE of who they are and what is happening around them so that they realise that EACH Of US is a potential HERO-IN-WAITING/ The One/NEO in our own personal matrix and NOT a helpless victim/pawn in this game of life…With the help of the bottomless pit of love and energy that is contained within OUR indefatigable heart plus a rather packed timetable of random acts of kindness, WE shall continue to encourage each being we come across (as well as each other) to do the following:

  • 1 – Recognise their unique talents & fulfill their POTENTIAL
  • 2 – Stop pondering the question of life after death and start worrying about life BEFORE death
  • 3 – OPEN THEIR EYES and see that we are temporary guardians of this planet and that the daily destruction of its finely balanced eco-systems is the equivalent of putting arsenic in your morning cup o’tea
  • 4 – Realise they can co-create their own destiny/fate
  • 5 – Contemplate the notion that YOU CAN NEVER CHANGE THE PAST OR THE FUTURE, but you can change the HERE AND NOW with every divine opportunity you are given to take another breath
  • 6- Consider the far-reaching effect of their every negative thought, word and deed and, most importantly, INTENTION
  • 7 – Remember each morn they wake that EVERY ONE OF US is a human being with UNIQUE pair of shoes that NO ONE ELSE can fill
  • 8 – Never forget that WE ARE ALLLLLLLLLLLLL EQUAL AND ONE and have the right to be treated as a human being without the constant fear of our rights being violated or life being extinguished at the twitch of a GD trigger happy finger…

WE CAN EACH CHANGE THE WORLD, ONE DAY AT A TIME, ONE PERSON AT A TIME (starting with ourselves) – IT DOES NOT HAVE TO BE THE WAY IT PRESENTLY IS!!!!! If you think I am talking nonsense the ask yourself how it is that I am not an ILLITERATE SLAVE or a HOUSEBOUND WOMAN woman relying on the vote of her husband (not her own) to decide the fate of her nation…

Stop Thinking, Start Feeling 😀 I know I can’t take much more of my overactive mind 🙂 Heart -based consciousnes here we come… Remember it gets darkest before the dawn 😀


We are all connected… Namaste 🙂

A New Day is Dawning,
Because it is time for a change,
With new consciousness forming,
There comes a NEW DAY 🙂


<3 Live Your Dream – Follow your Bliss <3

On New Year’s Eve 2013 it was exactly 14 months since I had picked up my first pair of poi and 6 months since I bought my contact staff yet here I was performing for a fee at an event attended by thousands in an outfit I designed and made on a budget of 26 quid. NYE outfit fullHere’s the story of my transformation…

I was a lonely kidLorrena as a kid
and books and music were my best friends. When I wasn’t voraciously devouring a book, I would sit alone in my room taping songs off the radio (yep, I’m that old :D), learning the lyrics off by heart and making up dance routines to them… No one ever knew I did it and I never showed anyone…

Growing up, I had some tough emotional times filled with suicidal thoughts & attempts for reasons I’ll go into another day but I was intensely private; To be the best you must handle the worstI was never one to confide in others so I would put on my headphones and sing or dance to make myself feel better.
dance your divine light

I can’t really explain it but even if I am asleep, if I hear a good tune, I will immediately start jigging away as if I am filled with a sudden burst of energy. In these moments of being bathed in spirit, everything is illuminated, I don’t know how else to explain it. I would ponder a problem (mine or someone else’s) then solutions would just appear out of nowhere… I have always known I had access to the collective consciousness but somehow I never realised the role that music played providing an entry point until writing this today. Music

AT 11, all that reading paid off when I got a scholarship to one of the top public schools in the country, Christ’s Hospital. CH

CH  grounds Lorrena@CH

They had an amazing music school there and I learnt to play the violin, piano and trumpet to a professional level and was a member of its choir, orchestra and marching band…. CH _ Lord Mayor's Show CH_Chapel

However, the time I came most alive was when I was alone… I was in a full boarding environment there so I had access to a music 24/7…It wasn’t enough for me to hear my favourite songs – I had to reproduce it and submerge myself further… so I would turn on my Walkman (for anyone under 20 that’s an old school ipod;D)  and listen to a track, then play back the song by ear on the piano… I then did the same on the other instruments.  At one point I knew all the violin solos on the Levellers (if you are under 20, Google them) albumsThe Levellers. Again, this was done in solitude, for seven years till I was 18, no one would ever know I did these things. Not my family, not my friends, just me.
But then I went to uni and without funds to buy my own instruments, I had no opportunity to continue playing so I focussed on my studies instead and for two years I played not one note…


The year before I was supposed to graduate I spent a year abroad in Russia as part of my course and there I found an underground world of dance music , a music producer boyfriend and jazz band artist… My parents had been really over-protective (I was rarely allowed out of the house nor allowed to keep friends outside of term time and  remember,  this is back in the days before internet social media) so aged 20 let loose with disposable income in a foreign land, I threw myself into the world of clubbing and pretty much was out dancing every night (suffice it to say, my Russian got pretty damn good ;D).

Russia_ Map

I ended up staying an extra year almost throwing away my degree to sing and play trumpet in my boyfriend’s jazz band… I got to hang out with famous musicians who were obsessed with ‘black’ people and music and for the first time in my life, my pigmentation was actually a bonus and the socially-awkard secret music-loving geek became ‘cool’ for the first time and began to come out of her shell…Transition - phoenix

The meaning of life is to give life a meaning

I knew that I would be going back to the UK to graduate and get a corporate job and I always wondered how my boyfriend survived as a musician… I would revel in the all-night jamming sessions, wonder at the lack of routine or certainty, watch with admiration as these creative creatures would perform on stage without a hint of nerves, and feel pain/fear during the periods when others would worry how they were going to eat the next week in a country with no social benefits system…
Do what you love It was an amazing 2 years of observing those living life at the opposite end of the spectrum to where I was headed – a claustrophobic world where money and status would be more valued than creativity and social freedom by all those around me…To be a star you must shin your light

MY TRANSITION 2008 -2011 :
So how exactly did I get to this place where I am now? Well, that’s a story with many twists and turns during a long period of inner work so I’ll leave that for another time but, in short. what initiated it was the death of my surrogate mother 6 years down the line in September 2008.Aunty I took a month out of work though stress (having never once pulled a sickie) which was a big no-no given the nature of my job but because I couldn’t express to my boss what I was going through, I would eventually be was first in line for redundancy when the credit crunch hit.
Adam Smith  - stage
things will work out who they are supposed to


A month after my return to work (where I was treated as a pariah for having lost the company money due to my unexplained absence despite having made them millions)  a friend invited me to spend three weeks at a yoga retreat to Thailand in December – this is where I witnessed my first fire poi performance (and got a tattoo!) ThailandYoga AsanasThree months later the redundancy came as predicted so with time on my hands, The meaning of life is to give life a meaning I started to revisit topics I had begun as a child exploring spirituality, natural herbal remedies, crystal healing and other therapies and initiated a plan to help neurodivergent people like myself, especially kids… Crystal grid

Crystals and Buddha
It's the end of the world said the caterpillar SOUND OF THE UNDERGROUND:
During my investigations I kept coming across stuff about the Maya and an online search  ended up with me stumbling across a Mayan themed party and there I met someone who introduced me to the squat scene full of people intent on freeing their mind.yellow lunar warrior From that moment, I started to go to illegal parties to do healing areas Cave Gallery healing room

squat party_2

Squat party and, of course, I danced my socks off. Cosmo 2011It was in this environment that I saw people doing circus stuff like poi/hoop/staff manipulation. It fascinated me but I never thought to try it


Four months before the December 21st 2012 Winter SolsticeYugas

Precession-of-the-Equinox I saw a pair of poi at a friend’s house ( I was crashing there after I left my teaching job and was homeless :/) .Transition - phoenix That night I had a dream that I was spinning poi and when I woke up I took them to the park to have a go. I didn’t know what to do but when I listened to music, I would dance and the poi would do cool stuff.. I watched a couple of tutorials but it never worked as well as when I just moved to music. I started to video myself day and night and could regularly be found spinning poi at train stations and while waiting for the Tube watching my reflection in any surface I could find (I remember how happy I was when the train was delayed or cancelled lol). There was a spinning group that met regularly in London; I went once but was overwhelmed by the awesomeness of everyone around me (and also their capacity to drink lol). They were all so confident! I also realised that I learn better when I am alone with spirit… I just somehow knew what to and contact poi

I had started a graduate teacher training programme but I was appalled by the state system and knew that it was not fit for purpose so I left, precipitating a period of homelessness. I couldn’t bring myself to squat (I need to be alone too much to share my space) and I had never lived with anyone who wasn’t my partner so when I got the opportunity to house-sit for a friend in Kent, I jumped at the opportunity even though I would be leaving everything/everyone behind. The second day after arriving, I had the urge to spin as soon as I woke up, so I found a local park. It started to rain and then there was an auspicious double rainbow.

Double Rainbow
Double Rainbow

Something told me to return to the same spot the next day and I did. Five minutes in, another spinner came over and introduced himself. He took me to a local circus club and invited me to spin with his group at a party in Essex the following weekend. I’d only been spinning for 10 months at this point and was nervous to perform with a bunch of strangers. I hadn’t spun with anyone else so I had no way to gauge if I was any good or not…I stuck my earphones in and off I went.


I started to spin in the local park and kids would come over and ask what I was doing and why so I would let them have a go.Chi Ki Kids I have always taught myself every subject I know so I am good at breaking down information and I got so much joy from watching particularly challenging kids who, no doubt, were regularly rebelling in the classroom become calm and focussed when they had poi in their hands..Naughty kids in the park
In July I decided to buy a staff and was mesmerised. I had no internet, so again, the music taught me what to do. In August, someone recommended me to a circus shop to demo the products at festivals.
Lodestar Festival_Sept 2013_ kids with my crutches

Lodestar Festival_Sept 2013

Brisfest 2013


I only went to seven events but on each occasion I got to spend time with experienced circus performers and I started to realise that I could really do this for a living but I would have to find a way to get over my shyness and get my confidence up…

In the middle of December, I decided to go to London to attend the London Spinners Christmas cabaret…. I didn’t know anyone and no one knew me. I watched the performers in the cabaret and it started to dawn on me that I wasn’t there to just watch them but to realise that I had become one of them! When I got back to Kent, something told me to check the group’s posts and there was a request for spinners for a New Year’s Eve event so I offered my services. I took my fire poi and my contact staff which I had only had for five months and had never lit…LED hoop and fire staff Lorrena_2 It was the strangest point of my life… 14 months after picking up my first circus prop, I was performing. For money. In front of people. Mental! The most important part for me is that I know when you spin, you create sacred geometry/healing mandalas and the opportunity to do this consciously for so many people makes me SO EXCITED!Flower of life

When I was a kid, I used to imagine myself performing but I never imagined I would end up doing it. I had always excelled academically and had never had any importance placed on creativity but now I can’t think of doing anything else. Such is the nature of the times we are living in – the return of the divine feminine, that chaotic, dark energy which if channelled intuitively can bring magic to life and give birth to dreams.
Live in the present

My years of solitude gave me plenty of time to analyse and let go of many traumatic experiences I had endured alone and in silence and the music ensured that I could fully heal and start to welcome in these creative experiences.
Right brain left brain

As for the Right side of my brain, my academic mind will not go to waste as I know I can write down my experiences for others to benefit from 😀 I have never been in the habit of opening up to people, more interested in helping them to overcome the issues at the heart of their insecurities and find the confidence to live their dream so this post is a bit dry, but it is definitely time to share my experiences, if only to show myself how far I have come with my inner work after decades of being silent. there is work to be done inside myself and outside

I would love to hear from you if you are mid-transition/post-transition. I would also be interested if you have seen me out and about and have any constructive criticism – when you spend so much time on your own, you never really know where you are. It’s always good to know you are not alone during these times of change so please do share your stories 😀
We are building a network of enlightened beings

BTW, there are a lot of “I”s in this story but there were many people I came across who played their role in my transformation. We are all a piece of each other’s puzzle and I have lots still to learn 😀 Namaste ❤ To be a star you must shin your light

Val ball costume_2

Above – my costume for Valentine’s fire dance which I put together today 😀

More on my circus outreach youth programme here: